Friday, 11 March 2016

Gallifrey Stands - Episode 100

Congratulations to Doctor Squee of the Gallifrey Stands podcast for reaching the 100th episode.

WhoNews has been a regular guest companion on the podcast as it romps through space and time covering all manner of Whovian shenanigans.

Be sure to take a listen to the latest fun filled episode using the link above and below.

Gallifrey Stands can be found at on twitter @DoctorSquee, by email, on stitcher, iTunes & & on Facebook

Sunday, 12 April 2015

Barnaby Edwards to join Ace in Space

Strangeness in Space, the Kickstarter funded new comedy sci-fi audio adventure has announced that Barnaby Edwards wants to join the team.

The principal Dalek operator in the new series of Doctor Who will play the part of L.E.M.O.N. (Linguistically Enhanced Mobile Operations Network) the computer robot accompanying Sophie and Trev and Simon as they are stuck orbiting Planet Mirth, trying to get back to Earth.

The series is written by, and stars, comedy duo Trev and Simon who for a decade dominated Saturday morning TV with their mad and unpredictable world of comedy, sketches and silly games on BBC1’s Going Live! and Live & Kicking.

Barnaby could be joining 7th Doctor companion Sophie Aldred if this crowd funded project hits it target of £15,000.

Strangeness in Space has a been storming towards reaching its goal with nearly 90% of the funding pledged but still needs your support.

Stars from the world of comedy Doon Mackichan and Rufus Hound are also waiting in the wings to join the cast.

Just 14 days remain to get involved and grab yourself a perk and launch this comedy into space.

You can pledge and get involved here:

Follow the Strangeness In Space crew here:

Sunday, 22 June 2014

Kasterborous Mag Issue 2 - Video Game Special

Issue two of Kasterborous magazine is now out and focuses exclusively on the history of video games in the world of Doctor Who.

This 56 page guide was compiled over the past 12 months and is available in PDF and print formats to download for just £2.99  Click here to order and download.

Now I'll confess that ever since it was announced I've been itching to get my hands on a copy. The world of Doctor Who has an extremely checkered past when it comes to video games, with very few games actually achieving any level of success. Most were just trying to cash in on the Doctor Who brand.

Christian Cawley, James McLean, Mez Burdett, Elton Townend Jones and Phil Bates provide one of the single most comprehensive reviews of games past and present that I've ever read on the subject. 

As a mobile app developer who is currently engaged on a Doctor Who game, I found this a fascinating read, packed with lessons learned and opinion on why so many games have missed the mark. 

Issue 2 covers:

  •     The most in-depth feature on the development of Return to Earth you will ever read
  •     Interviews with developers on The Adventure Games and Doctor Who: Legacy
  •     Features on Doctor Who: Worlds in Time (RIP) and The Eternity Clock
  •     Reviews of all classic and modern Doctor Who games
  •     Previously unseen photographs and concept artwork
  •     Doctor Who in Second Life
  •     Doctor Who mobile games
  •     A look at what is wrong – DW: Legacy aside – with Doctor Who video games. Why haven’t they been as good as we would expect them to be?
  •     PLUS: columns from the Valeyard and Elton Townend Jones
Whether you are a game developer or someone who wants to revisit those games of your youth, the Kasterborous team provide the definitive guide to Doctor Who video games.

Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Bid Now for Signed Freema Agyeman Drawing Auctioned for Charity.

New Zealand based artist Michael Key has kindly donated one of his original Mike's Star Art drawings of Martha Jones to The Great Guide Dog Online Auction 
This is an original artwork (not a print) by Auckland based artist Michael Key, of the 10th Doctor's companion Martha Jones. 

Freema Ageyman, the actress who played Martha in the BBC TV series Doctor Who has also autographed the drawing in silver pen. 

Mike has drawn this portrait with coloured pencils. It is 210mm x 260mm (slightly smaller than A4) in size and comes unframed. 

A truly unique piece of art and a collector's piece. Doctor Who fans and non fans alike would be thrilled to have this in their collection.  

Click here to bid

The Great Guide Dog Online Auction runs from 13 May to 27th May and is a huge fundraising collaboration between Blind Foundation Guide Dogs and its principal sponsor, Bayleys Real Estate. The aim is to raise as many funds as possible for breeding and training more life-changing guide dogs, through the sale of 100s auction items on Trade Me ( the NZ version of eBay).

For more information on the Blind Foundation Guide Dogs visit

Sunday, 4 May 2014

Doctor Who Celebrating 50 Years of Fandom

Doctor Who Celebrating 50 Years of Fandom is an engaging look at Doctor Who fandom and how it has shaped the lives of those inside and outside of the show.

It is a collection of interviews with fans young and old, as well as actors, writers and those involved in the production of the show. Louise Jameson (companion to the 4th Doctor), Rob Shearman writer of the 2005 Dalek episode and prop maker Nick Robetto provide a fascinating insight into how Doctor Who has changed their lives and what Doctor Who fans mean to them. A spectrum of fans are interviewed, from cosplayers, classic and new series, film makers and those whose love of Doctor Who has influenced their career choice.

The film itself is entirely funded through Kickstarter and began development in 2013. It runs for a length of 45 minutes. 

The interview with Louise reveals how much Doctor Who fandom means to her and certainly for me explains why she is so warm and friendly whenever I've had the good fortune to meet her at conventions and signings. 

Rob Shearman has crossed over from being a fan who would attend conventions and be painfully shy when meeting actors from the show, to someone who now sits on the other side of the desk.

John Paul Green is a fan and academic in media studies and recalls his journey through fandom which many fellow fans would be familiar with. In the past I've listened repeatedly to the Tachyon TV podcast which John Paul regularly contributed to. In this film he shares his brilliant story of being an extra during David Tennant's era.

Given that the 50th has come and gone, many may question whether this film isn't a little late to the party. As one of the Kickstarter project backers I've been aware that project has suffered a number of set backs and delays during its production. However I have to say the finished result from Flip The Switch media didn't disappoint.

Overall I found the film a highly enjoyable and engaging watch which didn't resort to mockery or a sidewise swipe at Doctor Who fandom, like many have done in the past. It is a film made by fans about fans and so the viewer instantly feels comfortable with not only the subject but also the personalities on screen.

Ultimately I was left wanting more and perhaps an exploration of the psyche of fandom and would have enjoyed hearing more stories from those who helped keep the show going during the wilderness year.

I've only seen the early release film but can certainly recommend the digital download for the price of £3.49. The DVD and Blu-ray include
extended interviews with Louise Jameson and Rob Shearman provided an extra 22 minutes of material.

Doctor Who: Celebrating 50 Years of Fandom is available to purchase from the official website at on DVD priced at £9.99 or Blu-ray £13.99


Wednesday, 30 April 2014

FREE Screening of Richard II In Chicago - Saturday May 3rd

If you are lucky enough to be visiting/live in Chicago this weekend then you can enjoy a free screening of The Royal Shakespeare Company's Richard II.

The FREE screening will be held at in the Ferguson Lecture Hall located in Columbia College in Chicago, IL on Saturday, May 3, 2014 from 1:00pm – 4:30pm. 

To reserve a pair of tickets for the RSC cinematic production of Richard II starring David Tennant, just complete the following registration form.

Richard II is the fastest selling show in the RSC’s history and was filmed live at the Royal Shakespeare Theatre in Stratford-Upon-Avon on the 13th November 2013, using multiple cameras around the stage and auditorium.

This is being presented by Ultimate-TV in conjunction with DT Forum. In addition to the free presentation we will be giving away a David Tennant Celebration Gift pack that will include a Richard II poster and a DVD of Richard II courtesy of FYE. 

Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Byron to Blighty - Reap the rewards

Freelance artist Beck Seashols is donating her time to draw artwork to help fund her son's history tour of England and Scotland.

Byron needs to raise $3000 to be able to visit the UK next summer and visit the Royal Shakespeare Theatre and the homes of many of famous British writers. As a teenager with hopes of becoming a professional writer/author this trip is an amazing opportunity.

What's the connection with Doctor Who? Well Beck's style of artwork defines the word 'Cute' and her work in the past has frequently included characters from the world of Doctor Who including Angels, Adipose, Amy Pond and Daleks.

So why not make a donation, help Byron fulfill his dream and bag yourself a custom piece of art as well.

You can make a donation and grab a reward here: 

Checkout Beck's artwork at