Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Buy EyeStalk, the Dalek Camera app and donate

Tomorrow is the last day to purchase EyeStalk, the Dalek camera app and help fund the next episode of The Minister of Chance.

The Minister of Chance is a free sci-fi series that stars Sylvester McCoy, Paul McGann, Tamsin Greig, Paul Darrow, Jenny Agutter - and loads more! It's funded solely by contributions.

With a target of $10,000 and being a big fan of the series I’m donating the profits from EyeStalk to the fund for one week. All sales of EyeStalk app up to Wednesday 8th August with go to help make Episode 4.

EyeStalk is a Whovian's dream come true transforming any iOS device equipped with a camera into the EyeStalk of the Doctor's deadliest enemy. Using image processing EyeStalk can transform any image/video and apply one of five styles, ranging from 1960's black and white to the latest Paradigm vision system.

Every sale of EyeStalk will donate $1.40 or £0.91 to help create the next Minister of Chance episode.

You can purchase EyeStalk direct at
To see EyeStalk in action visit

You can find our more about The Minister of Chance and download the latest episode for free visit

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