Saturday, 3 November 2012

Cartmel Needs YOU!

Former script editor Andrew Cartmel and Hans Christian Vang have launched a new project, Doctor Who Fan Fiction Illustrated.

Cartmel was the script editor for Doctor Who during the late 80's and had a vision for the show that never got fulfilled. It's been nicknamed "The Cartmel Masterplan" by fans over the years and now Andrew is collaborating with long-time producer and publisher Hans Christian Vang to launch Fan Fiction Illustrated.

Fan Fiction Illustrated is going to be a fanzine with great new comic strip stories written by fans and illustrated by fans. On top of this, the 'zine will have guest stars from the professional ranks writing stories and this is where Cartmel comes in.

Andrew plans to contribute a story every issue from his Masterplan, so that fans will finally know what was supposed to happen to the Doctor should the series continued well into the 90's.

The first issue's ca. 70 pages will feature 4 stories:
  • Andrew Cartmel's 7th Doctor & Ace adventure: "Phantom Freight" Art by Emerson Dimaya
  • Paul Cooke's "The Cabe" - a prequel to Terror of the Zygons
    Art by Adrian Salmon!
  • Mike Dwyer's 5th Doctor & Peri adventure: "Phantom of the Space Opera"Art by Flavio Bezerra
  • Plus a very special Ducktor Who adventure authored by "Lord Aylesbury Mallard" and illustrated by "Vincent Van Duck" ;-)

However to launch the project it needs funding and to raise $15,000

Andrew and Hans have a fund-raising page on indiegogo, where you can find out much more information on their plans for the project and how to donate. 
There are also plenty of perks for donating including signed issues and Skype/phone calls with Andrew himself.

Kasterborous have interviewed both Andrew Cartmel and Hans on their latest K PodKast. I certainly recommend listening to their motivations and hopes for the project

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