Friday, 12 July 2013

Blake's 7 Gauda Prime Closing Down

I first came across Gauda Prime and the work of artist Damien May in 2012 at a 10th Planet signing event for Jacqueline Pearce. 

Damien had a stall and was selling an array of stunning prints he'd produced based on Terry Nation's Blake's 7 series. After returning that day, I placed an order and the walls of the WhoNews office were soon adorned with Damien's work. 

It seems like I wasn't the only person to spot Damien's brilliance as Big Finish have commissioned him to produce the cover art for the highly anticipated "The Beginning" by Marc Platt, from their Companion Chronicles. Long may the partnership continue combining Big Finish's audio masterpieces with Damien's exquisite covers. 

Over the years I've added various pieces of Damien's work to office, so I was extremely sad to hear that Gauda Prime Designs is closing down. Ironically Gauda Prime seems to have come to an end in the same abrupt manner as Blake's 7.

This is a tragic loss to the world of British SciFi artwork. Especially when Blake's 7 has so little merchandise, to lose the jewel in the crown is simply devastating.

If you haven't seen Damien's work then I suggest you head over to his Etsy shop as quickly as possible before his range goes out of print. They are exceptionally good value and the quality is quite literally out of this world.

The great man himself - Damien May

Below are just a few examples from the tour de force that is Damien May.

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