Thursday, 15 August 2013

Kasterborous Magazine #1 Now in Print

I mentioned previously that have being working on a not so secret project for some considerable time. The two years of planning has come to an end and the fruits of their labour at K Towers means a brand new magazine was launched recently firstly in PDF format and now available in print for the first time. I've heard that the current price of £4.99 will end on Friday, so grab a copy quick.

This isn't another Doctor Who magazine centred around the TV show. This is a magazine for fans which concentrates on those people with Doctor Who close to their hearts. In other words you and me, those people who kept the show going for 50 years. The "Not-We" need not apply ;)

Kasterborous regular contributors Scott Varnham, Philip Bates and Elton Townend-Jones add to the mix providing an extensive first issue.

  • Elton Townend-Jones’ Enlightenment – how should Doctor Who’s 50th be celebrated?
  • Never a Doctored Word with the Valeyard – the Doctor’s alter ego sets the world to rights.
  • Interview: Illustrator Paul Hanley – popular artist reveals his inspirations and plans.
  • The Shape of… The TARDIS – the real star of Doctor Who, the iconic time machine.
  • Crash of Elysium – Tom Macrae discusses his audacious live Doctor Who play.
  • My Mate John IS the Doctor! – John Guilor, the voice of the First Doctor, interviewed.
  • All Monsters Great and Small – Phil Bates meets Matt Smith at the Doctor Who Experience.
  • In the Shed: With a Dalek Builder! – want to build your own Dalek? Gareth Mugridge is the man to ask!
  • The History of Doctor Who Fandom – kicking off an in-depth look at organized fandom.
  • Doctor Who Takes Manhattan – we speak to Matt Smith & Karen Gillan in New York!
  • The Masque Revisited – 38 years later, a trip to Portmeirion revisits The Masque of Mandragora.

I've now had time to read the first edition from cover to cover and here are my thoughts.

Firstly this magazine screams quality. From the production and finish of the publication, the artwork, quality of writing and diversity of topics the guys over at K have really poured their heart and soul into it.

Whether it is the thoughts on how the 50th should be celebrated, review of the Crash of Elysium (unknown to many fans) or interviews with the vocally-talented John Guilor or Matt and Karen in New York, the magazine has articles covering the past, present and future. 

Each article is a joy to read with some exploring unfamiliar avenues of the series or how a passion for the show inspires you to build your own Dalek.

At this point you might wonder if there is anything I didn't like about the magazine or is this just a gushing review. Well The Valeyard will be familiar to the readers of the K site and here he gets his own column. It's probably one of those love or hate moments but I'm afraid the Valeyard doesn't do a great deal for me.

The reality is on the strength of the initial release I WILL be buying the next issue. This decision is purely on the quality of the artwork and material in the 40 odd pages.

I recently bought a copy of DWM probably about 5 years since buying my last copy. It crossed my mind as to whether I should start buying it again on a monthly basis but time passed and I don't suppose I will for another 5 years. 

Kasterborous magazine is a different matter. It kept me interested from start to finish and at the end of a long day, it was my guilty pleasure to unwind with. So if you see me in public reading DWM, rest assured that's not the mag I'm reading on the inside.... 

Kasterborous magazine is available in print at the Kasterborous Store for £4.99 till Friday. 

Be sure to grab yourself a copy of what is a fascinating read.

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