Saturday, 9 November 2013

Blake's 7 Posters - Personal Stock Clearout

What's this got to do with Doctor Who I hear you ask. 

Well freelance artist Damien May is selling his stunning personal stock of Blake's 7 posters on auction site eBay.

Here is a direct link to his remaining stock 

I spotted Damien's talented work a couple of years ago and It seems like I wasn't the only person to spot Damien's brilliance as Big Finish have commissioned him to produce the cover art for the acclaimed "The Beginning" by Marc Platt, from their Companion Chronicles and Dark Eyes 2.

Over the years I've added various pieces of Damien's work to the office and it seems the very last few posters from his personal collection are now available on eBay. 

With so few examples of Blake's 7 mechandise, these gems won't hang around for long.

Below are just a few examples from the tour de force that is Damien May.

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