Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Kent celebrates 50 years of Doctor Who
Within 30 minutes of the announcement of a free screening of the very first episode of Doctor Who in Herne Bay, Kent, all tickets were taken.

BBC South East Today - the TV news programme for Kent, Sussex and Surrey is celebrating its 50th by screening episode one of An Unearthly Child at the Kings Hall in the Kent seaside town is happening on the evening of Friday 22nd.

The first episode “An Unearthly Child” was written in 1963 by Anthony Coburn, an Australian living in Herne Bay.

Coburn, died in 1977 but his widow and daughter still live in the town.

BBC South East Today editor Quentin Smith said: “We’re delighted to be putting on an event like this in the South East and pleased that the tickets have proved so popular with our audience.”

Before the original series was cancelled by the BBC in 1989, Doctor Who filmed in Kent and Sussex on 25 occasions. The show's actors – including former Kent resident Tom Baker - have spoken about their memories to South East Today for the 50th anniversary. A special outside broadcast will be fronted from the event in Herne Bay by South East Today presenter Rob Smith.

BBC South East Today journalist Stuart Maisner who came up with the project, is a huge enthusiast of the programme. . He said:  "I’ve been a Doctor Who fan since I was tiny. My first childhood memory of anything was when Jon Pertwee joined in 1970.”

Daleks, Cybermen and a TARDIS will be in attendance at the fully-booked event but Stuart is tight lipped on the panel of celebrity Doctor Who guests but has said,"..there'll be guests in attendance who worked on 'An Unearthly Child', as well as celebrity guests from other eras of the show..."

For more information or for press tickets for the screening contact Stuart Maisner on

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  1. Anthony Coburn's son Michael will also be in attendance and lives in Herne Bay