Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Byron to Blighty - Reap the rewards

Freelance artist Beck Seashols is donating her time to draw artwork to help fund her son's history tour of England and Scotland.

Byron needs to raise $3000 to be able to visit the UK next summer and visit the Royal Shakespeare Theatre and the homes of many of famous British writers. As a teenager with hopes of becoming a professional writer/author this trip is an amazing opportunity.

What's the connection with Doctor Who? Well Beck's style of artwork defines the word 'Cute' and her work in the past has frequently included characters from the world of Doctor Who including Angels, Adipose, Amy Pond and Daleks.

So why not make a donation, help Byron fulfill his dream and bag yourself a custom piece of art as well.

You can make a donation and grab a reward here: 

Checkout Beck's artwork at

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