Sunday, 4 May 2014

Doctor Who Celebrating 50 Years of Fandom

Doctor Who Celebrating 50 Years of Fandom is an engaging look at Doctor Who fandom and how it has shaped the lives of those inside and outside of the show.

It is a collection of interviews with fans young and old, as well as actors, writers and those involved in the production of the show. Louise Jameson (companion to the 4th Doctor), Rob Shearman writer of the 2005 Dalek episode and prop maker Nick Robetto provide a fascinating insight into how Doctor Who has changed their lives and what Doctor Who fans mean to them. A spectrum of fans are interviewed, from cosplayers, classic and new series, film makers and those whose love of Doctor Who has influenced their career choice.

The film itself is entirely funded through Kickstarter and began development in 2013. It runs for a length of 45 minutes. 

The interview with Louise reveals how much Doctor Who fandom means to her and certainly for me explains why she is so warm and friendly whenever I've had the good fortune to meet her at conventions and signings. 

Rob Shearman has crossed over from being a fan who would attend conventions and be painfully shy when meeting actors from the show, to someone who now sits on the other side of the desk.

John Paul Green is a fan and academic in media studies and recalls his journey through fandom which many fellow fans would be familiar with. In the past I've listened repeatedly to the Tachyon TV podcast which John Paul regularly contributed to. In this film he shares his brilliant story of being an extra during David Tennant's era.

Given that the 50th has come and gone, many may question whether this film isn't a little late to the party. As one of the Kickstarter project backers I've been aware that project has suffered a number of set backs and delays during its production. However I have to say the finished result from Flip The Switch media didn't disappoint.

Overall I found the film a highly enjoyable and engaging watch which didn't resort to mockery or a sidewise swipe at Doctor Who fandom, like many have done in the past. It is a film made by fans about fans and so the viewer instantly feels comfortable with not only the subject but also the personalities on screen.

Ultimately I was left wanting more and perhaps an exploration of the psyche of fandom and would have enjoyed hearing more stories from those who helped keep the show going during the wilderness year.

I've only seen the early release film but can certainly recommend the digital download for the price of £3.49. The DVD and Blu-ray include
extended interviews with Louise Jameson and Rob Shearman provided an extra 22 minutes of material.

Doctor Who: Celebrating 50 Years of Fandom is available to purchase from the official website at on DVD priced at £9.99 or Blu-ray £13.99


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