Sunday, 22 June 2014

Kasterborous Mag Issue 2 - Video Game Special

Issue two of Kasterborous magazine is now out and focuses exclusively on the history of video games in the world of Doctor Who.

This 56 page guide was compiled over the past 12 months and is available in PDF and print formats to download for just £2.99  Click here to order and download.

Now I'll confess that ever since it was announced I've been itching to get my hands on a copy. The world of Doctor Who has an extremely checkered past when it comes to video games, with very few games actually achieving any level of success. Most were just trying to cash in on the Doctor Who brand.

Christian Cawley, James McLean, Mez Burdett, Elton Townend Jones and Phil Bates provide one of the single most comprehensive reviews of games past and present that I've ever read on the subject. 

As a mobile app developer who is currently engaged on a Doctor Who game, I found this a fascinating read, packed with lessons learned and opinion on why so many games have missed the mark. 

Issue 2 covers:

  •     The most in-depth feature on the development of Return to Earth you will ever read
  •     Interviews with developers on The Adventure Games and Doctor Who: Legacy
  •     Features on Doctor Who: Worlds in Time (RIP) and The Eternity Clock
  •     Reviews of all classic and modern Doctor Who games
  •     Previously unseen photographs and concept artwork
  •     Doctor Who in Second Life
  •     Doctor Who mobile games
  •     A look at what is wrong – DW: Legacy aside – with Doctor Who video games. Why haven’t they been as good as we would expect them to be?
  •     PLUS: columns from the Valeyard and Elton Townend Jones
Whether you are a game developer or someone who wants to revisit those games of your youth, the Kasterborous team provide the definitive guide to Doctor Who video games.


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